Decision Time –Into Care or Not Into Care


Meadows Sands understands as well as anyone just how difficult the decision is to decide whether your loved one needs care in a home or continued care at home and because we are aware we are able to offer you a full support and advice service to try and help you make the right decision.

We all understand the concept that no one will look after our loved one as you would yourself but there does come a time when this becomes unrealistic and this is where our resident/relative support structure is very useful. We would ask anyone who is considering full time care to call us and make an appointment to talk through their concerns and issues. We make available management, care workers, housekeeping to speak with you to enable you to feel comfortable but also to show that we are not hiding anything. You need to feel comfortable with the whole set up and as we run to an extremely high set of standards that are met daily we are very comfortable with anyone seeing who and what we are and what we have to offer.

These decisions are never easy – but we can make them a little easier and a lot more informed.