Dementia Care

At Meadows Sands we are a registered care home for people with dementia. We pride ourselves however on the expert and dedicated service and care that we provide people and their family and friends who find themselves in this situation. Not only is it hard when someone you love starts to be affected by any condition but it can be even harder for the people having to put their trust in strangers and even worse an organisation. We are however a very transparent organisation and we look to dispel the myth and horror stories that affect people’s thoughts and decisions after they have seen and heard all kinds of things that may be thought about whilst making this life changing decision.

We have programmes in place not only for the care plan of the resident but we also have support and listening services for the residents family and friends to try and make the transition that little bit easier and for you to see how we look to work with all parties as everyone has feelings that need to be considered and helped with as and when required. In addition we have activities that can keep a very close bond in place and still bring happiness to each and every person – having any condition does not mean you are no longer an individual, a wife, a husband, mother, father, child, grandmother, grandfather it just means you need some help to fulfill your everyday life to the maximum levels – Meadows Sands endeavour to deliver this to every person.